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is a name known on the Internet when it comes to Music & Video Promotion.. Be rest assured we will generate huge Downloads for your music, videos, Mixtapes or Any Other You want Promotion?

Are you a Musician, Record Label Owner or Artiste/Brand Manager? Come Lets Showcase your Artiste(s) work on our Platform and Experience the true Effectiveness of Internet promotion you can’t get elsewhere except from Xclusivenobs

Take Advantage Of This:-
1. Your Music get Featured on our Website.
2. We Promote your Music on our Facebook Page to over 21,000 Fans.
3. We Promote your Music on our Twitter Page to over 20,000 Followers.
4. We Share your Music or Video or Mixtape Link to our ever Effective Users on Several WhatsApp groups and Broadcast Lists reaching Over 20,000+Fans.
5. We Guarantee nothing less than 7,000+Downloads on your Songs or Video.

Get your Song/Video/Mixtape Uploaded on Xclusivenobs  Today & Enjoy all of the Above mentioned Advantages & More!!

NOTE:- Apart from the Traditional ways of Promoting your Music on our Website, We also Offer Music/Video Promotion Advertisement e.g

  1. Banner Placement of your Artiste Artwork with a Link to the Music Page.
  2. Website Background Take over to Ensure your Music/Video/Mixtape reach a Larger Audience.
  3. Sticky Post
  4. Music Of The Week
  5. Xclusivenobs Monthly Industry Mixtape
  6. Xclusivenobs SMS Blast etc
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